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Full Sail: Genre Flip

NOTE: This story contains cursing. If this upsets you, please avoid this post and consider this fair warning.

Assignment Instructions:

Choose a story or script you've written in a previous class.

If you choose a tragic or dramatic piece from a previous class, you will convert it into a comedy using comedic elements of character psychology and narrative structure. If you choose a comedy from a previous class, you will convert it into a tragedy using tragic elements of character psychology and narrative structure.

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Full Sail: Pastiche Poem

Assignment Instructions:

In your own words, write a narrative poem: a story within a poem that has a beginning, middle, and end. The pastiche element of this assignment requires you use the same number of words per line that Yusef Komunyakaa did in "My Father's Love Letters." The word count per line and the punctuation will be what you copy. The content will be of your own creation. 

Assignment Submission:

Under The Rain

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Hero Development 05: World Map

In the previous development blog, I outlined 7 major locations, multiple minor locations, and hinted at future sub-locations. After two weeks of map design, I’ve simplified this system to 40 locations. Total. I’ve arranged them into the HERO World Map. Before I dive into mapping details, let’s outline what’s changed since last time:

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My Death Ceremony

When I die, ceremony isn’t necessary.
Comfort one another. Celebrate my life, if that helps.
Do what you need to move on.
However, if you want a ceremony and you’re interested in “what I would have wanted,” read on.

  • One day, with lenient time windows. People have schedules and that’s fine.
  • No funeral homes, churches, or cemeteries. Gather at home.
  • No obligation. Come if you want, don’t if you don’t.
  • No dress code. If someone attends, let them be comfortable.
  • No pointless traditions, processions, or events. They don’t help.
  • No lifeless body. Show attractive pictures, creative works, or happy things.
  • No religious speeches, discussions, and themes. They cause problems.
  • Share your favorite memories of me. 
  • Food for everyone. Food is comfort.
  • Donate my body to science or the sickly. Otherwise, cremate it.
  • For bonus points, use my ashes to plant a tree you find beautiful.
  • Be as happy as possible.

I want anyone who’s grieving to feel better.
I want everyone who attends to feel like family.
I want anyone who didn't know me to wish they had.

Creating A Password System

Short and simple passwords are quick and easy, but often for the wrong people. Trading security for convenience defeats the purpose of a password. Randomly generated passwords are more secure, but require some form of documentation, via a password manager or other method. This is fine for many, but loss of that documentation can lead to loss of your accounts.

For me, the best balance of convenience and security is to create a unique, complex password for each account that follows a common system for easy remembrance. I won't share my personal system (for obvious reasons), but I will share some tips on creating your own.

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Animal Farm in High Schools

In high school, I read Animal Farm.

I saw the story was more complex than a glance might suggest, more symbolic than most stories I read, and a subtle jab at a government archetype I didn't care about.

A few days ago, after years of design education, compositional training, and literary analysis, I read Animal Farm again.

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Hero Development 04: Locations

The City sits at the center of The World, in the shadow of The Mountain to the north. Its eastern gates lead to The Field, a golden meadow in the midst of The Forest stretching from the northeast to southeast. In the south, the trees are met with sand from The Arena, carried by winds from The Ocean that stretches from the southwest to northwest and wraps around The Island to the west.

These are the 7 major locations of HERO, each of which contains several minor locations split into sub locations, to be later coherently connected. Sub locations can’t be accurately mapped until the requirements of each story are known, but I have some idea of the minor locations needed for each of the groups introduced in Hero Development 03:

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