Prison Architect: Gridlock – Prisoner Cell Block

Gridlock: Prisoner Cell Block

Components & Cost:
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Prison Architect: Gridlock – Utilities & Deliveries

Gridlock: Utilities & Deliveries

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Bad Design: Stick Hero’s Procedural Generation

The Concept: The player taps and holds to vertically build a bridge. When they let go, the bridge is laid between the current platform and the next. The bridge must not be too short or too long to continue. Platform sizing and spacing are randomized.

Why It’s Bad: I’m all for random / procedural generation. I’ve talked about its glories and difficulties (see this post) and I’ve experimented myself (see this game). That being said, it only works within distinct parameters. Puritan random generation is a lovely concept, but results in many combinations that lack fun, flair, or fairness. Behold ye olde examples: (Continue Reading)