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My Thoughts on 1984 by George Orwell

I have just completed 1984 by George Orwell for the first time. There are countless critiques, articles, and editorials about this book, and after a single read-through, I don’t think my thoughts will add to their already thick conversation in any meaningful way. Instead, I’m writing a short post to those who haven’t read it about what to expect should you decide to.

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How to Customize Firefox For Simplicity

I’m interested in a simpler browsing experience, though not necessarily a more convenient one. I want compatibility and performance, but without password managers, histories, complex tab managers, or unique interfaces. Though Firefox is far from the ultra-fast, minimalist browser of my dreams, it’s currently my default, chiefly because it allows me to remove or disable elements I don’t want or need. It’s not perfect, but it’s close, and in this post, I’ll show the configuration that gets it there and my reasons for each setting.

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Techno Babble and Its Consequence

A short time ago, I owned a Macbook Pro. The specifications were more than enough, the build quality was fantastic, and I generally liked OSX apart from a few annoyances. Unfortunately, the release of the Witcher 3 infected me with the PC builder bug, which grew to fever pitch prior to the Fallout 4 release. I debated for days over the proper gadget configuration, and decided—since I rarely left the apartment—a desktop could provide an adequate gaming and work experience. Any mobile tasks could be delegated to my phone if necessary. I sold my Macbook Pro for $1,000—$870 after fees—and started ordering the parts I needed.

Within 5 days, the parts were delivered, assembled, and tested without issue. Due to unreliable shipping estimates and the absurd difficulty of retrieving missed packages where I live, I’d stayed home waiting for their arrival. This thinking time illuminated a key moment of flawed logic: even prior to the computer’s arrival, I’d rarely left the apartment, which wasn’t a fact upon which to base technological purchase, but a problem to be corrected. I should be getting out of the house. I live in New York City!

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NYC Experience: Village Halloween Parade

Here is my conclusive, step-by-step guide to enjoying the Village Halloween Parade in downtown New York City.

Step 1: Drink a lot of fluids.

Step 2: Arrive one hour early, so when you’re still three lines back, you can say you tried.

Step 3: Gather around the semi-psychotic bearded man. Otherwise, you’ll have little to no bad Mets jokes or ugly children pictures to enjoy while you wait.

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Full Sail: Flash Fiction 7 - Ghost of a Man

For this assignment, I was charged with writing a 500-word flash fiction piece using the mystery elements we'd discussed throughout the week. Unfortunately, due to life events, technological difficulties, and new job assignments, I had very little time to dedicate to it.

So, the story below was written in one sitting, with one round of self-editing and a few tweaks after a single alpha reader... in under an hour. Is it perfect? No... but my grade was, so that's something.

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