Full Sail: Index Story

Assignment Instructions:

Create an index story (utilize any organizing system you want – examples: alphabetical, numerical, etc). Any length.

Have fun with this. Be experimental.

Assignment Submission:

Final Moments

Tick tock. Years training. Months planning. Weeks preparing. Days implementing. Hours driving. Minutes waiting. Fifty glacial seconds to the completion of a decade-long daydream dedication.

Tick tock. Piercing eyes. Prominent brow. Salted hair. Peppered beard. Crooked nose. Straight teeth. No sweat. No shake. No swearing. No display of tension.

Tick tock. Cotton undershirt. Silk button-up. Fitted jacket. Cotton undershorts. Wool thermals. Fitted pants. Leather gloves. Cotton socks. Fitted shoes. All black. Flawless.

Tick tock. Four hundred forty millimeters wide. Three hundred seventeen millimeters tall. One hundred millimeters deep. Washed leather. Faded stitching. Worn handle.

Tick tock. Overweight mother destined for medical bills. Sprawling brat consumed by headphones. Feeble man, buried beneath airport luggage. Open seat.

Tick tock. Principles of Modern Chemistry. David W. Oxtoby. Haste torn pages. Peeling edges. Oft read. A professor’s obvious companion.

Tick tock. Stacks of stapled essays: variety in name, length, competency. Blood red criticisms. Life-drained pens shaken, then replaced.

Tick tock. Temper tantrum tilts the case. A firm hand steadies. Mother apologizes, failing to control the tirade.

Tick tock. Brenden. Craig. Lana. Families left forever. They understood. They understand. They will understand in time.

Tick tock. House torched. Aliases burned. Everything gone. Everything must go. Everything will be gone soon.

Tick tock. A hand found writing. Dear Lana, This is for the best, I promise.

Tick tock. Let anger escape you. It achieves nothing. Use your passion for greatness.

Tick tock. Let sorrow leave you, as a bird set free from capture.

Tick tock. Let terrible times wash over. A rock in the wave.

Tick tock. Have pride in yourself. Have faith in your family.

Tick tock. Do not forget. I do this for you.

Tick tock. A familiar ringtone, lost among the noise.

Tick tock. Case, steady. Hands, steady. Mind, ready.

Tick tock. Vibration shuffles through inner pockets.

Tick tock. Deep breath. Slow exhale.

Tick tock. It is time.

Tick tock. Flip. Ring.

Tick tock. Ring.

Tick tock.