Tech Transformation 1: The Plan


In May of 2014, I purchased an Asus G750JS Gaming Laptop, which was wonderful. Powerful enough, portable enough, with a big screen and good keyboard, it was — in a phrase — everything I needed. Unfortunately, I am a snooty, elitist tech-nerd to whom need is foreign and want is master. Powerful, but below maximum, portable, but unwieldy, with an average screen and keyboard, it wasn’t — in a phrase — everything I wanted. I decided to shatter the psychological comfort of the G750JS, and enter a more… exotic… realm. Continue reading

Prison Architect 1: Unveiling Celebration


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Indie: Hello everyone, and welcome to the unveiling celebration for the Lotus Rehabilitation Center. I’d like to begin by thanking our generous sponsor — Ceo. Please, a warm round of applause for Ceo. … Lotus Rehabilitation Center maintains housing and amenities for 40 guests. We focus on forming lasting bonds between guests, Mother Earth, and the outside populous. As such, everything you see has been formed from natural materials purchased from local vendors, and crafted under meticulous scrutiny. However, LRC is not a place to be discussed, but experienced. Please, feel free to explore and do not hesitate to pose questions if you have them. Continue reading