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Bounce Again: Flawed Testing

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Scientist 1: Johann! Come here. We need your help.

Johann: Okay. What do you need me to do?

Scientist 2: We have a new device that I believe will revolutionize space travel as we know it…

Scientist 1: But I believe needs to be tested further to ensure that it can withstand the eletro-shockwaves emitted by high capacity thrusters during hyper-speed.

Johann: So… What is that that you need me to do?

Scientist 2: Do you see that space capsule over there?

Johann: The ball? . . .

Bad Design: Mortal Kombat’s Instant Reaction

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The Concept: When the difficulty of a fight is high (from player settings or story progression) the computer controlled character’s “intuition” — in this case, the ability to interpret the signs of an attack — and their reaction time — how fast they act upon that intuition — are both improved to an inhuman degree.

Why It’s Bad: . . .

Real Life: A Train of Thought on Paper

  1. I need paper for which to fabricate a To-Do List.
  2. I frequently use columns, boxes, and other organizational methods in such lists.
  3. Therefore I need to use some form of lined graph paper.
  4. This is a notepad of only lined graph paper and it is very cheap.
  5. If it is very cheap, there must a more expensive version with better features.
  6. This is a notepad clearly labeled as “NotePad”.
  7. It has alternating graph and regular lines, with headings, sub-headings, dates, and other features.
  8. These things could be useful to me.
  9. This notepad costs three times as much as the cheaper notepad.
  10. There are more than three times the features on this notepad compared to the other.
  11. Therefore, the cost is worthwhile.
  12. However, I need lined graph paper, so the regular lines will be less useful.
  13. Utilizing “Box” technology, I could very easily create my own sections.
  14. These sections could exist wherever I want them to.
  15. This notepad makes me God of the To-Do List — Creator of Organization.
  16. This notepad is also cheaper.
  17. I should buy the God-like paper if it is a third of the normal price.
  18. Should I buy two God-like paper grids?
  19. Probably not.
  20. I now have paper for which to fabricate a To-Do List.

Note: This interaction took place at the Monticello, KY Wal-Mart Super Center on June 11th, 2014 and lasted approximately 7 minutes. For those concerned as to the well-being of a man who allocates such quantities of time to debating the merits of grid paper, your thoughts are justified.